IMG_6438Hi all, I have decided to flip this site and change things up. Initially, it was solely about my experiences with traveling and a vegan lifestyle. I still would like to include my piece/voice but I believe this would be something more with others and their experiences added. Since “Worlds With Friends” started, I knew an opportunity would come about where everyone could come together to exchange information of all sorts.  Currently, I don’t feel like I have this anywhere. I have invited people with varying backgrounds and special perspectives to join in on this self-made community. From graduate students who want to share a story about their “crazy” day, to a self – taught producer who uploaded a dope beat on Soundcloud and is anxious to share. Visual artists, educators, educated, youtubers, bloggers fashionistas, performing artists, opinionated persons, photographers, designers, world travelers, writers, researchers, nomads, survivors,  those who haven’t decided on a title but who are just aspiring, this is for you.  I will be selecting content that is submitted to worldswithfriends@gmail.com. If you’re interested in following my personal, art Facebook page it’s: Charisma Roselle. My Instagram is: @CurlyRiz. I hope this can be a useful, safe place.. designated specifically for us.


with ❤



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