Lets Travel the WORLD with Puck + Fleur!

Have you ever wanted to follow someone’s journey around the world, personally? Now, you can! My friend Puck and her sister, Fleur have decided to travel the world.. all in a YEAR! They quit their jobs and began their journey a few days ago. The two sisters are from the Netherlands. They have created social media accounts for their worldly adventure. I thought it would be cool to give you all more insight. This is taken directly from their blog (https://www.nomadsoflife.com/):

“We aim to see as much as possible of the world, and we have spent so many days looking at the map picking countries that we NEED to see. At the end of the day we had 55 countries on our bucket list. This basically means you will have less than a week to spend in each country – so consequently, we had to remove A LOT.

We came to the final conclusion that we want to start of our world trip in Tanzania, Africa. There is not a particular reason why we will start there. Maybe because it is completely unknown soil for us, and why make it easy if you can throw yourself in at the deep end right? ;-). Anyways, after Tanzania, Namibia and South-Africa are definitely noted on our MUST-SEE list. From Capetown we are planning to fly to South-America. From there we will go all the way up north to the U.S.A. and then Australia and Asia will follow. We will most probably end our journey in the Middle-East.

To give you a clear overview, you can find our MUST-SEE list below:

  1. Africa: Tanzania, Namibia, and South-Africa
  2. South-America: Brazil, Argentina, Peru, and Colombia
  3. Central-America: Panama, Costa Rica, Mexico
  4. USA
  5. Australia
  6. Asia: Indonesia, Philippines, and Vietnam
  7. Middle-East: United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, and Iran”.

The two have safely made it to Zanzibar (as you can see via a screenshot of their instagram below)!

Screen Shot 2018-01-03 at 1.15.29 PM

Ready to follow this once in a lifetime journey and see what all of the fun is about for yourself?

Instagram: @Nomadsoflife

Youtube:Nomads of Life

Their webite: nomadsoflife.com

Facebook: Nomads of Life

Heres to a year of safe, happy and memorable travels! We will be watching closely.




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