Mondays with Mia!

Mia provided us with more information about herself:IMG_3139
I am a published poet and creative from Northern Virginia. With a passion for story telling and artistic collaboration, I’ve  always been obsessed with words and film. For me art has always been a way to escape some of the lowest and darkest times of my life. Overcoming heartbreak and my on going battle with depression and anxiety I decided to take control of my life starting with the way I chose to live it. Sharing the lessons I’ve learned through poetry and participation in various healing spaces, I hope that my journey continues to motivate others to create and build the life they want starting by releasing the pain and doubt of the past.
There are two quotes that I refer to through out the day whenever I am tempted to wallow in the mistakes of the past or obsess over the thing that haven’t happened in the future :
“ Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced “ -James Baldwin
“ If you love a flower , don’t pick it up . Because if you pick it it dies and it cease to be what you love…”-Osho
One of my poems Flower was inspired by the quote by Osho.
If you are invested in purchasing my book it is available at Amazon and Barnes and Nobel online
For inquiries and collaboration :
IG and Twitter : @HeyMiaJ
Website : ( Going under construction for remodeling 10/16/2017)
Mia also blessed us with one of her poems!


Standing tall in the soil of your love , watered with the sweet nectar of your words Speak softly ..
Let the dew of your empty promises weigh down my petals till the afternoon comes watch . me

Don’t touch me !
See me ..
but please don’t forget me.
Capture my image in the album of your memory Watch. Me. Grow.
Can you see me ?

Your Garden is filled with traces of another. Does my nectar taste the same ?
Am I rare?
Am I special ?

What happened ?
What happened to the flowers before me ??!

Dried in vases filled with titles glorified by spectators
they suffocated in expectation til’ the water grew stale
all of their petals began to dry as they fell from the vase you stuck them in … DONT .PLUCK.ME!

Just care for me as I am.
Pay attention and don’t assume , because fancy vases and “fertile” tap water wont do.

Water me Mr. Gardner. Water me please.

My love and my life sit in your hands like fertilizer dig down to my roots and get to know me.
Taste the fruits of your labor.
Isn’t it fresh?

See what you created ? Beauty…

They say nothing is more beautiful than being loved. Unapologetic and unmoved
“she’s been”

Birthed in the garden of your love with sunlight comes shade and
as the wind blows my scent fades
I pray you hold onto my fragrance

let it taint your brain with bliss Pay Attention !

Your love lays like the dew in the morning
Water Me.
Crystalize my petals with sweet whispers of forever

Care for me as I am and watch me grow.

Don’t pluck me !
Because titles and fancy vases won’t do.

Just capture my image in the album of your memory. Breathe in…..
can you see me ?

Poem by Mia J. Burnside featured in Thoughts Lost in Expectation available on amazon and Barnes and Nobles Online


Reading these beautiful words gave my whole body chills. Stay close. Mia is blossoming.

❤ Charisma


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