Meet the superwoman behind “The BeWord Shirt”!

My Name is Makala Hamilton. November of 2014, I transitioned from active duty military back to civilian life. Since the age of 17, My days were pre-scheduled. I knew what job needed to be done and I did it. 8 years, 2 kids later, and a DD214 in hand, I thought I knew what do to next. Enroll in college! But something was missing. I needed to create!



I started my business in March 2015. I was focused on one concept. “If you could use one word to describe yourself-What would it BE? Hince the name “The BeWord Shirt”. I had someone else printing my tees for me. I was trusting somebody else with my vision. After a year of a failed niche and being annoyed with relying on someone else to bring my ideas to life, I decided to invest in my craft! I youtubed, Bought my own equipment and taught myself from scratch! I rebranded-and Thats how I got to where I am today!


With the support of my family and friends I have grown my love for creating into a small business in a year! 2016 was the beginning of growth and where my talent started to evolve. Today I have return customers, constant referrals and over 500 sales! I am a one woman show! From the design draft to the post office-I do it all on my own! Plus 4 little hands (my 4/6 year olds) that help by placing the logo stickers on the packages! I ADORE my customers! They are the best! Whenever I doubt myself I always look at the photos that my customers share with as a reminder that I am doing something right-and that People really like my work! That is why I share EVERY photo that I receive from my customers on my Instagram page-to say THANK YOU!



If you want more from Makala find her on IG: @the_bewordshirt and she’s on etsy (  Here’s a sneak peak of her page. I’m sure after seeing this, you all will want to check it out yourself!

Screen Shot 2017-11-14 at 1.00.29 PM.png

Thanks for reading.





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