Native American Heritage Month + Ahna!

Ahna provided me with a great “about me” segment:
I’m Ahna Red Fox, a young, Shinnecock woman by seaways of the East Coast. I’m a first and full time, single momma whose just trying to make it in this crumbling world, engulfing me.

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Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

A short and sugar coated ‘about me’? Well.. I graduated high school and furthered my education, majoring in Inclusive Early Childhood Ed. My life was paired with college heavily weighing on me and the so called ‘love of my life.’ I attended college, 5 hours away from home, for a year and a half… When, surprise! I ended up creating and carrying a warrior to be in my belly. I withdrew from school. Came home and focused on prepping for my beeb, making sure his life was filled with no worries. Since my wonderful blessing, as well as a minor setback in my life.. I have some feeling back in the numbing that pumped through my body. I work a full time job at a Native owned and operated non-profit organization- who’s mission is to deplete suicide, substance abuse, mental health, and alcoholism amongst tribal youth. My son attends daycare that teaches him his language, culture, traditions, and how to pant/maintain a garden. And of course! A momma will have her hustle on the side- mine happens to be art, written pieces, and handmade accessories/apparel/footwear. Needless to say, I have had many blessings that have happened along the way, at most important times, when I felt like my world was melting around me.

Being a Native woman in today’s society is paired with many hardships; which many of us are working endlessly to be beside. As they say ‘life is like walking in 2 different worlds- a moccasin and a shoe’, a native walking in a delusion of what once was. This is real. It’s a stressor to keep within the spectrum of mainstream society while expressing your cultures and traditions and vice versa. Often times being ridiculed, other times being culturally appropriated.

For myself, a must as a Shinnecock woman, is to carry my traditional roots every where I go. Using whatever platform I may come across, to express and speak my truth for myself, my son, and my people. But most importantly to make a change…in hopes to ensure that my son and all of those that came with and after him, will grow up in a better space, filled with positivity and sustainability in their surroundings. Ensuring that they will remain a proud people and grow into warrior men and women, who remain on the lands of the people who came and went before them.

Tabutne– thank you, for your time to listen to my story, overlook my work, and possibly connect with me in the near future.
Be well! In a healthy mind, body, and vibe.

Connect with me:
@ah_redfox on IG


❤ Charisma


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