30 mins with the last of this air dry clay.

This has to be the quickest thing I have ever sculpted. After about 30 mins of working on it, I was done. I just did what I felt. I waited for it to dry and then painted it. This was the last of a ten pound box of terra-cotta clay that I bought about 5 days ago. So you can tell, I sculpt a lot. This is an abstract piece of mine. I really enjoyed working on it. I placed the finished piece on my clay towel to gloss it. I am gifting it to two beautiful friends who have commission me for a lot of my work. Their commissions have challenged me to continue to challenge myself and my abilities in the world of sculpting. They are sisters (Cara and Ary) and this is a surprise. Cara loves wolves and Ary, whales. Above all, they love one another and would do anything to protect themselves from any harm. Image-4Image-3Image-2Image-5




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