Ask Malcolm about FREE Math Tutoring!

I’m so honored to know special individuals who are driven to make the world a better place. This brother has used his intellect to spread knowledge to our youth. I was able to catchup with Malcolm Solomon. He’s provided us with some additional information about himself. ” I’m a native of Rochester, NY. I received a BA from Virginia State University in Interdisciplinary Studies with a minor in Elementary Education. Since then I have taught elementary students for the past five years. Outside of the classroom I offer free math tutoring services under my business name, R.E.A.L Center of Learning. I believe true education is the initial proceeding necessary to propel a people from their current position into better situations. I’m currently studying to receive my MA from Virginia Commonwealth University in Administration and Supervision”.

R.E.A.L is “Reach Every Academic Learner”. So you know the goal includes each one, teach one. Are you (or someone you know) in the Richmond (VA) area and need tutoring services? Malcolm offers them for FREE... as in free of costs. Don’t hesitate to spread the word and to reach out to Malcolm via email ( If you would like to link up with Malcolm via social media, you can find him on Instagram @trueeducator. Let him know you saw this post on Worlds with Friends and get educated!




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