Meet Malikka!

I think it’s very important to take you all inside of my world. I’ve said it before but I can’t believe I know so many people who are simply amazing. There’s enough room for us all to be seen and heard. However, I need some of these people to be seen and heard. So I am going to share a tid bit about some of my friends and send you their way, ok? Cool ūüôā¬†Today, I have decided to spread light on Malikka! Here’s a little about her taken directly from her website:

“I‚Äôm a¬†writer, content developer, marketer and social strategist. With experience writing media rich blogs and developing social content, my background as a diverse¬†content creator is deeply rooted in digital media. I decided to¬†move to Los Angeles a few years ago to focus on developing my career in the media industry.

Now equipped with some experience in developing social campaigns, executing marketing plans, creating content and diving head first into media corresponding and public relations, I’ve ignited another passion: photography. Being able to merge my love for both written and visual content has allowed me to nurture my creative energies. And has gotten me featured on sites like Vibe, The Jasmine Brand, Sheen Magazine, and more!

Since then I’ve signed on as co-curator of ChillMakerTVand editor at Blurred Culture.

I enjoy drafting articles, reading media clippings, editing, and producing engaging social and web content.

Want more? Visit ( ¬†Do you need to contact her? Email me at I can put you directly in touch with her! In the mean time, bookmark Malikka’s¬†site (I did) and check out her social media outlets listed there.¬†I promise, you don’t want to miss what’s coming. The real plug for all things entertainment.



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