So, here’s what happened since we booked a one-way to PDX from BWI..

I hopped on a plane to Portland almost 3 weeks ago. This entire experience has been so interesting,  I can only put most of it in bullet format. Here’s how it went down: the good, bad and in between. Ready? Here we go!

  • Tyrell and I were invited to Portland by Rachel.
  • We booked a one way to PDX and agreed to take one bag per person (no joke). One day, I should do an entire post filled with tips for the ultimate millennial, nomadic experience.
  • From there, we caught a mega bus from RVA to Washington D.C. and stayed with my sister and niece for the night (hey CoCo and Ming!).
  • The next morning we were dropped off at the station. We caught the metro and light rail (not in that order) to BWI.
  • Made it to Vegas (exhausted) and spent a few nights out in the desert with my framily (hey Mel, Nova and Dej!).
Woke up in Muva Mel’s room (she’s an artist).
Quinoa Pizza! Tyrell made this. So YUMMY
  • I missed my initial plane from Vegas to Portland (another story for another day? lol). Thank the Gawds for my older sister, Crizzy, she was able to basically get us to PDX (we had a layover in LAX) by the next afternoon.

Screen Shot 2017-07-09 at 8.46.54 AMPlane

  • I got off of the plane on Thursday evening (got home at about 7pm ish) and landed a job by Friday morning (5:30 am to be exact).
  • I was able to go to Seattle (very windy) for a couple of days. I went to Pike Place Market and the Space Needle. I’m thankful for that experience as it showed me Seattle isn’t for me (for many reasons).. right now. The architecture was breathtaking.




Some very raw talent that I saw while at the market. Btw, he is playing a mop that’s inserted in a bucket with a string attached to it:


  • The following week, I bought a truck (this post’s featured image) for a whopping $400. Already, it’s an amazing investment. (It runs and that’s really all I need right now).
  • Prior to that, Rachel’s roommate went to visit her family; leaving us with basically a whole apartment to get our entire life together.
  • Tyrell got a job soon after (via Facebook.. Portland has a nice, family-structured community of/for POC).
  • After meeting a few sculptors at this cookout, I was invited to take up sculpting soon. So, I probably will (random = my life).

So, yah, still processing the process in addition to more things that I have yet to share lol.

In other news, Portland is beautiful.


Part of my commute
Went to the beach with frans!

More pictures are coming soon. For those inquiring, it is a little costly (which was expected) to live here. It’s totally doable though. There aren’t as many produce options as say Texas. I haven’t been able to truly explore the city. As I started working the next day after I arrived and haven’t been able to see much more than my commute to and from work.  It helps that I am currently staying in a pretty decent neighborhood. It’s within walking distance of so many things- like the grocery store! Rachel has good taste. Honestly, I came to Portland with no money. I feel like I have good luck (for lack of a better word) in this place. Who knows it could be just where I am supposed to be. I have a couple of business ventures that I’m going to explore and inquire about. I am most excited about new people. Even though there is a small (in comparison to other areas) amount of black people present, there is a larger indigenous (in comparison to other areas) community here. I plan on continuing to connect with my people (and others) all over. Peace everyone. I will be keeping more tabs via my blog. Especially because I need to buy a journal and planner. #TeamProcrastinateUntilYouCant

xx, Charisma






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