21 fast and filling recipe ideas!

It's so interesting to me to get back in the kitchen. I no longer yearn for complicated recipes. As I am too shocked by the rich taste embodied by simple ingredients. Welcome to my world of no additives 🙂

The results of the TRUTH

I remember when I initially slipped into a blackhole filled with information about veganism. I was astonished. Interested. Instantly, I had that feeling of having all of the information I needed plus more. I couldn't wait to start. Partly because of my interests in the material but more so because I was tired of feeling... Continue Reading →

Protein Snack

So I just thought I would drop in with a quick little snack to fill you up without no cooking necessary! Per usual, I didn't measure anything. I was just experimenting in the kitchen and the results were fantastic. Here are the ingredients: Apples Dates Walnuts Hemp Seeds Tahini Butter Lime I cut the apple... Continue Reading →

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