” I just don’t know how you do it..” Transitioning tips (7) for prospective Vegans.

Veganism has pretty much turned into my life. Seriously. I would have never guessed that I’d see just how much my diet influences my life (physically and mentally). I externalize my thoughts on humans elevating their consciousness, gaining extreme mental clarity and literally making the world a better place by incorporating more plant based foods into their diets, constantly. Does it bother people? Maybe.  Am I bothered that they are bothered? Not at all.

I can’t help but think of myself when I do these things because I am doing them for me. The changes that I am able to implement in the world that I inhabit based on my decision to refrain from animal products are almost unbelievable. I thought today would be the perfect day to give some tips for the individuals who are curious about this process. I think it’s cool that I am living (happily) with about 1% of the world solely on a plant based diet. Whenever people message me with questions about starting a herbivorous lifestyle it makes me feel good inside. Someone is thinking of themselves (and/or others) enough to take this huge, challenging leap of faith. As I mentally prepare myself to respond, I always think about how this platform should exist. Somewhere where people are given the option to initiate change, with seemingly endless information.

  1. Interested in starting slow? John’s Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health started a campaign by the name of “Meatless Mondays“. This is the perfect opportunity to start experimenting with more plant based foods for your week. This movement selected Monday because of it influences society’s beginning and remainder of the week . However, if another day (or three) works for you, go for it!
  2. Even slower? What about making a list of your favorite animal products, selecting a group and discontinuing them from your diet weekly. Any effort deserves credit. After all, research shows that changing unhealthy eating habits are equivalent to drug withdrawal.
  3. You’re always welcomed to add more fruits and vegetables in the place of snacks too. No, really, that little act of kindness helps your health too. Eating more plant based foods reduce your risks of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and other chronic illnesses.
  4. Do you need visual resources, like movies or documentaries?

I have watched all of these movies in addition to my share of youtube and internet data in reference to veganism. I started my mental journey years before I successfully changed what was on my plate.

5. My favorite part about the latter transitioning tip was how average the participants were in those movies. Grab a friend or friends (preferably) and put them up to the challenge. Make it fun by adding incentives (like money and self-care goodie bags)  or creating a competition of some sort. Try out the 7Day Vegan challenge!

6. Are you more of a researcher yourself? You want a more credible reason to transition? Have you heard of Spirit Science? I am placing 3 video links (Milk and Health, Meat and HealthA Closer Look at Food and Let Food Be Thy Medicine) depicting only a sample of the information they’ve provided for their food and health series. Feel free to explore other videos filled with their perception of so many other theories floating out in the universe here.

7. Maybe you need one more video then you’re in? Maaaaaaaybe.. Well I was already vegan by the time I saw this video pop up in my memories from Kristen lol. I don’t know how I missed it when she initially sent it my way. I was amazed with the video by the time I saw it. The best part is this video is Erin Janus (the youtuber) is able to fit some crucial info into this video in 5 mins.

So if you’re slowly beginning your transition, wohoo! There is nothing like a fresh start. If you prefer to push the envelope, you can start like.. now. I too, started cold turkey. Watch the documentaries, read the journal articles, blogs, and even random youtube journeys. Do your research! I hope this helps. xx. Charisma.

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