Here’s what happened when I went into a Texas supermarket with $20.

My cousin asked if I wanted to join her on a trip to HEB (Here Everything is Better). I grabbed $20 and wandered through the store to see what I could get. It was an emotional experience overall lol. I saw tons of options within my one bill budget. Initially, I did not have a strategic way to spend my money which added to the excitement. Shortly into me circling the produce section of the store to get the cheaper romaine, I wish that I devised some sort of organized dinner plain with the money. I was running all over the store, looking at prices, and wondering if these ingredients were worth being an addition to a meal. I shopped using the store’s sales and coupons. Other than that, this trip helped me realize we do have a few staples (which I will update in a later post).

By the time I got to the register, I felt nervous. Looking at the total rise and thinking of what were the real necessities out of the 17 items put things into perspective for me. I ended up with a total of $19.50. This trip allowed me to get additional ingredients for my dinner. Honestly, I could have attempted to shop for a couple of meals with this budget. Maybe that can be a future post? Idk. I did pick up cookie and salad ingredients for the next few days.

When I got back to the house I made fruit salad, cookies (I purchased Teff flour with agave on a previous trip), a side of crinkled cut butternut squash, and spelt pan bread. Believe me, this was a hefty serving. I’m thinking I made enough to comfortably serve four. When it comes to salads, I will probably eat two, maybe two and a half of servings worth. I love a fresh salad. I could eat one every single day. Tyrell always has an appetite. I try to make enough sides (when eating leafy greens) so that we are both content.

I have to say it was $20 well spent. I attached the receipt for anyone who is interested in taking a closer look. Enjoy!


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