#TheTravelingVegan There is one thing that I have continuously learned and will never forget..

I’m eating to live, not vice versa. I have been traveling so much lately. I drove to Baltimore (3 and 1/2 hours from where I live). I flew (almost 3 hours) the next day, and had another 2 hour ride back from the Texas airport (after my flight) the same night. Driving and flying all over has shown me it’s completely ok for me to eat my food RAW. It’s much more simple that way. I get the most nutrients from so many yummy plant based options this way. Since landing in Texas I’ve had cooked foods again. This post is still necessary simply because there are so many fruits and vegetables in their natural states that don’t get enough credit. I don’t know if it’s the weather or the raw foods but my skin has cleared up even more. I have stated before, going vegan has influenced my taste buds. Maybe that’s why now it seems so much easier for me to eat my foods as is. Every time I take a bite out of a strawberry or blueberry, I remember that they are truly nature’s candies. Some of the pictures (I’ll place below) will be before my trip but they just serve as ideas for any one who’s interested. Honestly, I get full very quickly when I eat raw fruits and vegetables BUT it doesn’t last long. I don’t feel guilty either because I just feel so good eating these foods. I also don’t limit myself. I enjoy savory raw bites too. For example, there’s tomatoes, basil, hemp seeds and sea salt or even a basic salad with tahini dressing would be a great way to consume my savory, well-seasoned raw goodies. Currently, I am devouring a half of cantaloupe (nom, nom).




Mango and strawberry smoothie


Dates + Shredded coconut


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