Say (Non-diary) cheese? A quick and easy alternative.

Cheese, one of the many cravings that I thought I would not be able to survive without. I was dramatic and wrong lol. There are diary alternative cheeses. So far, we have tried brazil nut and walnut cheese. I think I will try my hand at coconut cheese soon. Just like I realized I could make milk out of so many other natural, plant based alternatives, you can do the same with cheese. Today I will give you a basic recipe for brazil nut cheese that we have tried. Per usual, you can totally tweak the recipe with your desired amount of seasonings and herbs to accompany it.

Something that has helped me with transitioning is breaking down exactly what it is that I have a taste for. For example, if I am craving something strongly, I stop and think about the specifics of the craving. Am I in the mood for something sweet or salty? Hot or cold? Soft or crunchy? These questions make a huge difference. I also take it one day at a time. I don’t think of what my potential cravings could be based on the things I have previously craved. Try asking yourself this the next time you’re in the mood for something (whatever it is).

For diary-less cheese I have tried walnuts, brazil nuts, squash, mixing brazil nuts and chickpeas, brazil nuts and avocados.. as you can see the possibilities are seemingly endless. For a simple nut cheese mix you can use a blender, water, nuts, and salt or any additional seasonings you’d like (to taste). I can snag brazil nuts for relatively cheap at Trader Joe’s. So that’s what I usually will buy to make most of my cheeses. I noticed that this cheese is very filling and satisfying. In fact, I am making a friend of mine a pint tomorrow. Based on my experiences with the nut cheeses, I can’t say there is truly a right or wrong way to make it. I try to soak the nuts the night before using them. I have blended them up without soaking them before and nothing went wrong. I just would prefer to soak them because soaking aids in digestion. It’s up to your preference on how thin and running or thick and creamy you would like your spread to be. This cheese will favor more of a feta or cream cheese in texture. There are squash cheeses that can be created to provide the lasagna “gooey” textured cheese. I have to admit, I have yet to find a non-processed, plant based cheese that permits a “stretched” texture. I will continue to experiment and research in the mean time.  Below, I have inserted a picture of the cheese that I made a while back. I remember taking the picture and being so proud that I had just made a simple, fragrance-free cheese that could be paired with just about anything. The best part about all of this is the cheese is ready straight out of the blender.

Brazil nuts


Here is some cheese I made a few days ago for spaghetti. This texture reminded me of Alfredo sauce. The first cheese shown below is a mixture of chayote, brazil nut cheese, sea salt and a few pieces of onions together. For the second cheese, I placed brazil nut cheese, a few pieces of green onions, a half of an avocado, green bell peppers and various seasons in the blender. When the cheese was too dry or just needed more water, I added the pasta water and adjusted the seasonings to taste. They were both so delicious.




Just to give you an idea in reference to variety, I’ve added a few more dishes that we’ve added the nut cheese to.


Brazil nut cheese, bell peppers, stove-top cooked green bananas, mushrooms and seasonings to taste.




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