What makes this blog different from most sites?

So, I’m going to introduce my story with the underlining important fact there was no (known) medical emergencies or events that caused me to go vegan (again). Yes, again. I attempted to go vegan sometime around March of 2016. I felt like I should be doing something as I had trouble concentrating due to low energy, lack of motivation to workout, and I was having a harder and harder time fitting into my clothes. I was perplexed because I knew that the only thing I was doing consistently was eating. I was a pescatarian for 6 years (2007-2013). I remember not having trouble with my weight fluctuating so much and me actually feeling better. So, off I went to “be vegan”. Soon after transitioning, I realized that I was eating just about the same amount of process food as I was when I consumed an omnivorous diet. I mean super processed. I bought everything prepackaged that had the fancy “V” (for vegan friendly) logo. I noticed that I started to pick up more weight. This wasn’t the best option for me. I quit veganism and ended up doing more research. I used everything, from YouTube videos to friends who were already vegan. By November of 2016 I was prepared to take a more plant-based approach. Here’s where things get interesting. By solely eating from this plant-based diet, I lost 20 pounds within my first two months! Burns or other cuts/ marks that I thought would be a permanent part of me have started to disappear (heal?), my hair is growing thicker, and I sleep throughout the nights now. I also have NO cramps during my menstrual cycles ( strange to me because I use to wallow in my bed for days if I could, every month), shorter cycles (3 days instead of 5), I haven’t fell susceptible to the “common” cold or flu, and my overall energy levels are consistent (which says a lot). I do not take any pharmaceutical medications or any medications that do not come in the form of plants, basically. All of this because I began to experiment with various ancient grains, more fruits, and vegetables. I guess I should note here that I stopped drinking when I transitioned this last time too. I forget that I am vegan frequently (lol). I say this because it’s not a struggle. I’m not always hungry anymore. I enjoy the taste of the food, a lot. I really feel like I am living a more fulfilled life. So, If I am benefitting so much, why not share with you all? If you’re looking for a way to feel healthier, even if it’s for a predetermined amount of time (which mine isn’t), that’s ok too. Here’s a way that you can do something good for you. Btw, I have completely converted my significant other (who was the definition of a meat lover, haha). The food is really that good. Best or worse (depending on how you look at it) part about all of this is I am using similar ingredients with various meals but they taste completely different. The even better part about the food is the cook time typically averages around 15 to 20 minutes (if that). I will have no problem letting you all in on my in-home projects, grocery hauls, and even having a nice FAQ session. Hope this helps! Lets toast to good health and peace of mind. Xo, Charisma.

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