Why are we so obsessed with mushrooms?

Never thought I would be the person who is basically in love with mushrooms. The magic for this recipe comes with squishing the mushrooms. Yes, you heard right. Squish those little dudes! You can enjoy mushrooms, breaded + fried or sautéed in a pan. Typically I will  enjoy mushrooms by pulling them out of the pack, rinsing the mushrooms, seasoning, and sautéing them in a small frying pan. Mushrooms shrink, a lot, so brace yourself (sad face). While sautéing the mushrooms, I sit a bowl (filled with water) on top of the mushrooms. This will work on removing excess water that’s within them. To reach even denser textures place in 350 degree oven for 5 minutes in oven safe pan. If in the mood, I’ll bread and fry them at this point. I love mushrooms because they give me a specific texture (when cooked/smushed) that reminds most people of meat. If it’s hard for you to understand the concept I took pictures in a previous post. So far, we’re usually grabbing oyster, baby/big portabella, and white button mushrooms. I’m interested in trying black truffle mushrooms. A girl can dream, right? Ha. Maybe I can treat myself for my birthday…We LOVE mushrooms because they’re so versatile.

Here’s a closeup on how they look fried:


Here they are sautéed with kale and quinoa and other ingredients. This recipe is here:


We’ve also sautéed mushrooms for soups:


I experimented one day and made a burger with mushrooms and chickpeas:img_4069

Then, I continued experimenting, this time depicts mushrooms in an amazing piece of vegan sushi:


Mushrooms go great inside of sandwiches, tacos, and wraps:


You can even have them as a side. This way is my favorite way to snack on mushrooms, obviously:



For salads. Not just any typical salads though. We love a great salad:


Another one this had brazil nut cheese in it:


There’s also pizza toppings:



With spaghetti squash:


And included in a vegan, breakfast omelette:



So as you can see, mushrooms are amazing. Look out for detailed posts about these dishes featuring mushrooms in the future!

Xo, Charisma

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