Breakfast, Snack, Lunch, Dinner… There’s always something to eat.

I have yet to run out of ideas for what to eat. I never thought that I could literally eat my way to a healthier me but here I am. Food is so interesting, isn’t it? The more I eat the more I am not concerned with meeting my daily requirement for selected fruits and vegetable servings. I literally am always eating something beneficial. It could be dates in my hemp shake, or using aquafaba as an egg and vegetable broth substitute. Fatty, greasy, heavy foods are so addictive. I remember. That’s why when I reflect on the fact that I should’ve transition sooner, I know I couldn’t. I was seemingly stuck in a cycle of bad food and bad responses from my body as a result. Now, I’m at the point where I pretty much have my own healthier substitutes for foods I used to love that are easier, made with less ingredients (not processed), and above all taste good. If you’re interested in a particular recipe or have a sweet/salty tooth that you’d like to see more recipes of, don’t  be a stranger. I have tried so many different varieties of dishes, you’d be surprised.

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