I started growing greens in my window?!

"One of the best decisions that I made was growing greens in my window. All I needed for this was an empty bowl, spring water, organic roman lettuce (I'll explain why), and a nice spot that can catch nature's light. I did not record when I started this project because honestly I had no idea that it would be this successful. We eat a lot of greens. All of our food is plant based. So, I thought, the least we could do was try to effortlessly grow our own roman. I bought two packs of organic roman and i bought 2 packs of nonorganic, non-labeled roman lettuce. When I blissfully bought all of the roman, I was under the impression that all would either yield more lettuce or all would fail. Well that's not what happened, at all..."

"...I forget that I am vegan frequently (lol). I say this because it's not a struggle. I'm not always hungry anymore. I enjoy the taste of the food, a lot. I really feel like I am living a more fulfilled life. So, If I am benefitting so much, why not share with you all? If you're looking for a way to feel healthier, even if it's for a predetermined amount of time (which mine isn't), that's ok too. Here's a way that you can do something good for you. Btw, I have completely converted my significant other (who was the definition of a meat lover, haha). The food is really that good. Best or worse (depending on how you look at it) part about all of this is I am using similar ingredients with various meals but they taste completely different. The even better part about the food is the cook time typically averages around 15 to 20 minutes (if that)...."

How I’ve been enjoying my kale these days..

"I grew up numerous greens. Even though I didn't directly get into gardening myself, my mother grew a lot of greens in our backyard. I'm reflecting on all of our staples and I'm sure Kale wasn't one of them. I'm learning a lot about Kale because it is a staple for me these days. It's a lot more filling in comparison to many other common greens. I wasn't a fan of kale when I first went vegan. Now, i contemplate picking some up every time i'm at the market..."

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